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Werewolves! Or, "Lovely Moon Tonight, Eh, Mr. Bob Dobalina?"

In our first episode of Would You Believe It, we're diving in fang-first and tackling werewolves! Well, we’re tackling the SUBJECT of werewolves. You should never try to actually tackle a werewolf, unless it’s not a full moon, and the werewolf is especially scrawny. Then it might be worth a shot.

This week’s contestants are a pair of superbly talented authors, Steven Luna and Jordon Quattlebaum! They went head-to-head for the first ever WYBI lycanthropy trophy, playing the games “Absolutely Historical,” “Best Two Out of Oh My God, What Have I Done,” and “Dr. Frankenstein for a Day!”

We also learned why the American buffalo is the quintessential party animal, and we got a little insight into one of our contestants’ peculiar beliefs about actual werewolves…

Sharpen your claws and dive on in! Welcome to Would You Believe It!