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Adult Harder: Decorate for the Holidays Like a Serious Real Person

Some people think decorating for the holidays is easy, and that's absolutely correct. Tape some Christmas lights to your couch, and you're all set! Well, that's what the Professors Smith thought, anyway. But then Hollis Scarborough of Silvercreek Creative came along and blew their minds to Christmas pieces. She shares her next-level holiday decorating tips this week, and the Smiths add a few of their own ideas, and, spoiler alert: They're amazing, and VERY smart.

During the show, Clayton mentioned his ever-growing list of absolutely amazing and ridiculous ornaments on Amazon. Check out the insanity here, and then buy your favorites and send them directly to the Media Empire Media offices, BECAUSE WE NEED THEM.

Oh, and here's Ivanka Trump's Thanksgiving hellscape--I MEAN TABLESCAPE. It's just the best.