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Adult Harder: Halloween Better

This week on the podcast, the Smiths tackled the tricky (-or-treaty) topic of Halloween costumes, and how to wear one like a GD adult. They were joined by Shannon Downey, who is just about the most famous person in the world since Vogue published that feature about her "Boys Will Be Boys" embroidery and her work at Badass Cross Stitch

shannon twitter.jpg

Shannon Downey

Social Justice Advocate and All-Around Badass

During the interview, Shannon cooked up a new slogan for dealing with Halloween costume decisions: "When in doubt, k(NO)w." It's pretty brilliant, and, as promised, we've designed a t-shirt with the slogan, which you can find in the MEM shop. 100% of the proceeds from the sale of this shirt will go to Asian Americans Advancing Justice - Chicago!

Proceeds go to Asian Americans Advancing Justice-Chicago!

Shannon also promised us a photo of her flower costume from sixth grade. She and her mom both did a LOT of digging to find the picture, but unfortunately, they couldn't find instead, Shannon sent us some shots of a few of her other favorite costumes from Halloweens past-Daryl from The Walking Dead, Smurfette, and Michaelangelo (the Ninja Turtle, not the artist)--plus a bonus photo of her dog Maggie dressed as Banksy.

And finally, because Shannon is the best person in the world, she also offered to serve as your own personal Jiminy Cricket when it comes to your costume conscience, so if you're not sure if your Halloween costume is all adult and responsible and shit, tweet her a photo @shannondowney and she'll let you know if you get the green light.

Now get out there, Halloween better, and be adult AF.