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Adult Harder: Curse with Some F'ing Gravitas

On the pilot episode of Adult Harder, college professors Clayton Smith and Ryan Smith dissect the finer points of cursing. But not cursing like you’ve been doing. Cursing like adults curse. Because when you’re a real adult, you follow some classy-ass guidelines, like:

  • Don’t just fucking curse fucking constantly.
  • Don’t just use the same curse word(s) all the time. Mix it up. And don’t be afraid to make up your own curse words.
  • Don’t be a dick about it.
  • Use curse words to emphasize a point, but, again, don’t be a dick about it..
  • Practice using the C-bomb well.
  • Do NOT use the N-word. Ever. EVERRRRRRRR.
  • Broaden your vocabulary. Try new words! They’re fun!

We also spoke with fellow college professor Cara Dehnert Huffman about her favorite curse words, and we played a game with a title we’re not sure we should spell out here on the Internet. It is very explicit.

Research materials for this episode included Holy Sh*t: A Brief History of Swearing by Melissa Mohr. It is one hell of a fun read.

BONUS: We also found this cursing game called Creative Cursing, and it looks like a lot of GD fun!