Media Empire Media is a podcast network designed for people who love their information with a heaping spoonful of entertainment. Our podcasts include Adult Harder, Drinking Lessons, It's a Ghost!, Perfectly Puzzled, and more!

Our Podcasts

Media Empire Media is home to some of the finest podcasts ever created. Here they are, in no particular order, other than alphabetical:

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Adult Harder

Two Very Big-Time and Important college professors give weekly lessons on how to adult, covering everything from how to dress like a GD grown-up and pay your damn bills to growing your own vegetables like a real bad-ass.

Strap in your ears and get ready to be adult AF. 


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Drinking Lessons

It’s “47 Going On 21” as a life-long teetotaler decides it’s finally time to start drinking and enlists some highly-qualified spirit guides to teach him how to tell merlot from Malort, cider from stout, and all the finer points of adult beverages in between! Follow weekly as Steven Luna samples every weird and wonderful concoction that comes his way, some even made from recipes that YOU send in!