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Raise Money for a Good Cause

Have you ever tried to raise money for a good cause? Boy, it's hard. It's like people want to keep their own money in their own wallets because they don't know how much joy it would bring you to raise three more dollars. Well, we're here to help! This week, we talk about some of the pitfalls of fundraising, and we offer some excellently good advice on how to fundraise better.

Be Very, Very Good at Mother's Day

Mother's Day. Amiright? It's like the Saw movie franchise of holidays. Because every year or so, you think, "Oh. Wow. Is there another one of those? I forgot about that. But it's definitely there, isn't it?" And you know what? IT IS. Because Mother's Day is just relentless. AND IT WANTS TO PLAY A GAME.

This week, we go brain-deep into the problem of Mother's Day: why it's strange, why the best good sons don't get their own holiday, and what presents you should definitely NOT get your mom for her annual special day. Join us, won't you? It's a very special episode of Adult Harder.

Do Concerts Better

It's hard to not be a total jackass at a concert. If you're at the same concert as our new favorite listener, Jamie from Kansas, that is. Following Jamie's very strict orders, we explain the best way to not suck at a concert, and to be honest? We pretty much nail it.

Be a Better Wedding Guest

When someone else's wedding bells start ringing, you have just one job. JUST ONE JOB.

Don't. F***. Things. Up.

Unfortunately, ruining someone else’s wedding is easier than you might think. Just ask Ryan, who tried preeeeeeetty dang hard to ruin Clayton’s first wedding. NICE TRY, SMITH.

This week is all about being a better wedding guest, and it goes way beyond not throwing up on the dance floor (though that’s an A-#1 tip).

Move Without All That Dumb Stress

If you're a living person who's alive, you've probably moved at least once, and boy, you know that sh*t is the absolute worst. And it only gets harder as your friends get older and realize the economics of receiving payment in pizza and beer are some next-level nonsense. But not to worry! The Smiths have some excellent advice on how to be better at moving, without all that dumb stress.

Break Those Bad Habits for Good

The Professors Smith know a thing or two about bad habits. Mostly, they know how to have them. But they've also done a very light amount of reading up on how to theoretically break them, and now they want to save you that ten minutes of Googling with a 25-minute podcast! We're about 82% sure you'll agree that it's worth it.

Appreciate Wrestling More. NO, WE'RE BEING SERIOUS!

Skin-tight uniforms. Feathered hair. Blood, sometimes. No, it's not the seedy underbelly of jazzercise; it's professional wrestling, and it's high time you got on board! Ryan breaks down the finer points of pro wrestling, including blood, nudity, and draaaamaaaaaa! And the guys give some pretty overall decent advice on how to dip your toe in the wrestling waters by throwing a good, old-fashioned Wrestlemania party!

Get a Pet, Okay?

You know who loves pets? Literally everyone. You know who doesn't love pets? Sociopaths, which we understand does detract from our statement about everyone loving pets, but it's important to not always split hairs.

This week, the Professors Smith discuss the importance of pets, and then they rank the best and worst pets ever, because they're professionals like that.

Survive the Robot Uprising

We thought we wouldn't have to worry about the robot apocalypse for at LEAST five or six more years. But between laughing Alexa, stripper-bots, and all the inexplicably ill-informed madness happening at the stupid idiot labs of Boston Dynamics, we can't put it off any longer. The robots are coming, and we need to get busy destroying 'em or get busy serving 'em. Either way, our survival is key.

Get a Massage, and Don't be Weird About It

Massages are supposed to be why do they give us so much anxiety? This week, the Smiths take on the many discomforts of getting naked with a stranger and saying, "Put your hands all over me." They teach you how to overcome any massage-related issue, and they've got some pretty good advice about saunas, too.

Face Winter Weather Like a Grown-Up Hero

It’s cold. It is just unbelievably, and endlessly, cold. Unless you live somewhere warm, in which case, we politely invite you to just kiss right off. ‘Cause we’re cold. Just unbelievably, and endlessly, cold.

Fortunately, the Smiths have some tips on how to bear the cold weather, and they even visit the fellows from The Victor Bar in Chicago to ask about some special winter weather cocktails that can warm your subzero spirits!

Disneyland Like an Adult

It's hard to really appreciate Disneyland when you're a kid, and when you're a parent, it's like, ugh, now I have to go on all the baby rides with my kid, ugh. The best way to go to Disneyland is to go by your own childless self! It's not creepy!

This week, the Smiths discuss their wasted youths, the much less magical theme parks that their parents dragged them to as kids, and the best ways to enjoy Disneyland like a grown-up, along with the help of best-selling author and Disneyland planning expert, Gavin Doyle.

Then be sure to check out Gavin's site Mickey Visit to plan your next Disneyland adventure like a real adult!