Media Empire Media is a podcast network designed for people who love their information with a heaping spoonful of entertainment. Our podcasts include Adult Harder, Drinking Lessons, It's a Ghost!, Perfectly Puzzled, and more!

About the Empire

We created Media Empire Media out of a shared love for education, entertainment, and innovation. Our mission is to provide great content while creating an immersive, collaborative environment for us and our listeners.

With international acclaim and an extremely intelligent and fashionable listener base, Media Empire Media is the single most popular podcast network ever created by us. 

The Media Empire Media Team:

Steven Luna



Jordon Quattlebaum


Clayton Smith



Ryan Smith


Some things that we stand for:

  • Intelligent content
  • Raucous fun
  • A tightly-knit podcast community 
  • The rights of the endangered sea dragon*

*This is totally a Luna thing. It's weird. We know.